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Consultation and Transparency

HUB4U.S. teams are attentive to their client. In all circumstances, they will exchange with the Head of the Company and gather his/her opinion on major decisions.

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HUB4US is at its clients’ service. It shows complete impartiality and cares to avoid any conflict of interest.

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HUB4U.S and its teams spend all their time carrying out the mandate entrusted to them.

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HUB4U.S. makes sure that its level of expertise and knowledge enables it to meet its clients’ needs and that it is capable of acting in accordance with the present Charter; furthermore, HUB4US commits to adapt its practice and continuously improve its level of competence.

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HUB4U.S. agrees to maintain the confidentiality of information obtained from the client or coming to its knowledge in the execution of the mandate.

Related to the French law firm Odinot & Associés, HUB4U.S., while continuing to carry out the project, undertakes to entrust part of its mandate to Odinot & Associés after consulting its client and with its consent, if such delegation proves necessary to ensure the total confidentiality of certain information or discussions with third parties.