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At your convenience, we meet either in our Paris or New York office to discuss your project, answer your questions and identify your needs.

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We initially act for a fee that covers a feasibility study and a detailed implementation plan.

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We then give you a quote for setting up your business according to your goals and wishes.

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Our terms are fully transparent: we agree on a Charter of Ethics providing for our mutual obligations and we work hand-in-hand to implement your project.


HUB4U.S.’s purpose is to assist and advise French and European companies wishing to start a business in the United States or simply grow their business there through partnerships. HUB4US role is to manage your project, using its reliable and high-quality network, selecting and supervising the right professionals to carry out your project and make it a success story.


This Charter of Ethics determines what the client is entitled to expect from HUB4U.S. under the mandate entrusted to it: he accepts the principles and purposes of the Charter which will serve as the foundation of their relationship.


  • 1- Consultation and Transparency
  • 2- Impartiality
  • 3- Availability
  • 4- Expertise
  • 5- Confidentiality
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