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  • "VIVRE NEW YORK - s'installer, travailler, ... "
Le point Hors Série: VIVRE NEW YORK  - s'installer, travailler, ...

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Le point Hors Série: VIVRE NEW YORK  - s'installer - travailler


Portrait de Anthony-LACOUDRE

HUB4US is pleased to announce that Anthony LACOUDRE has recently joined the firm to lead its Tax Department. Anthony has been practicing Tax Law both in France and in the United States for more than 20 years, servicing French and American medium sized companies as well as multi-national corporations to deal with their American, French, European and International Tax issues. With HUB4US, he will continue to provide French Tax advice as well as American Tax advice with the support of tax attorneys from the Law firm Hodgson Russ, based in NY.

Anthony practiced Tax Law for more than 8 years in Paris for Ernst & Young. Then in 2005, he started working for Deloitte Tax LLP's French Tax Desk in New York where he practiced French and International Tax until 2010. At that time, Anthony joined the audit firm Mazars where he lead the French Tax practice in Mazars' NY office. Anthony has published in France and abroad a number of articles about French, EU and International Tax Law. He teaches International Tax Law at the Paris-Dauphine University of Economics and regularly gives lectures at various French Business Schools.

By leading HUB4US's Tax practice, Anthony will advise both US corporate clients operating in Europe and French corporations investing in North America to help them dealing with complex tax issues. He shall also assist executives and expatriates to design and implement relevant Franco / American tax strategies.

Anthony can be reached by e-mail at and by telephone at (+) 1 646 218 75.43


Hub4US, in cooperation with ODINOT& Associés, is proud to host from October 10, 2014 in their Parisian office, paintings of Sonya SKLAROFF, a New-Yorker painter displayed in many galleries and museums in the US and in Europe, whose work is part of numerous private and public collections

Access map and Information

  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Soho Fire Escape & Red Sky - 91 x 61cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - West Village Bicycle - 61 x 61 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - West Village Café -  61 x 61 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Snow on Prince -  61 x 61 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Warehouse Water Towers - 61 x 61 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Gifts - 50 x 75 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Snow on Fifth Avenue - 20 x 20
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - 11th floor water towers - 91 x 91 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Baloons - 76 x 100 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Shadow on Lafayette Street - 121 x 91 cm
  • SONYA SKLAROFF - Bicycle Crossing - 121 x 91 cm


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